Fuck you Extreme Broadband (ISP)

Edit: They improved a lot since then. They now respond to issue reports via SMS, even late into the evening. Their DNS servers are now much more robust, and also OpenDNS now stopped hijacking DNS requests.

The network structure is still the same as previous, everyone on the same huge LAN subnet, being able to talk to each other, sharing a public IP through NAT. They employ some kind of weird web censoring, where visiting an ahem site will hard redirect to a generic 404 page.

Although the bandwidth they provide is low, their network latency is very impressive. For example, ping to a Singaporean server can be as low as 14ms from Perak. Ping to US server, for example yahoo.com is around 220ms. This is possible since their backend is fiber, while the last-mile is purely ethernet.

They also introduced premium tier service, RM70/month for 2mbps and RM80/month for 3mbps. I was hoping it could be cheaper, should be at least 10mbps for RM80, since competitors are already providing that kind of price for the same level of service.

Also worth mentioning that their backend bandwidth is around 60~70mbps, which is quite low. Thus you can imagine how much their operating cost is.



If you are looking up for Extreme Broadband as an ISP, forget about it. Extreme Broadband is a piece of shit cum fuck of an ISP. They never deliver what they promise, provide abysmal network connectivity, has poor support team and simply don’t give a fuck about the services they provide.

9 out of 10 days their internet connectivity will be rigged with problems, and they usually blame their “upstream providers” or power outage and then never back up upon their promise to improve reliability, which is ironic of them because they replaced our previous ISP, Streamyx to provide a more “reliable, fast and always on internet”.

Take a look at the posts on the timeline of housing agent that contracted Extreme Broadband, not a fucking word of praise, but problems all the way.

Although they claim to be an “all fibre” ISP, the speed they provide is only 512kbps, 99.98% of the time being 400kbps max.

While claiming to be an expert in networking, although I’m no networking graduate, what fucking ISP puts all their clients on a LAN segment? You could see everyone on the network with a

<span style="color: #c0c0c0;">arp -a</span>

<span style="color: #c0c0c0;">

and to prevent MiTM attacks they just setup their router to answer all ARP queries with the router’s MAC address. So when computer A asks for you get two responses, one from the retarded router and another from the actual computer. So you get to see the ARP tables with duplicated MAC while some with the actual MAC.

They can’t even do DHCP properly on their networks.


Furthermore, they also practice DNS hijack which I’ve covered before.

Their support team is also a goner. When you send in a support ticket, the only way they know how to reply is

(loosely quoted for effect)
“please gimme ur house number and phone number tq”

regardless of the problem at hand. And when they actually come, all they do is a speedtest and when it actually reach the target speed, they cabut; When it doesn’t, they give you “we are in the midst of optimizing our network lah, please bear with us until the end of the month lah” and then next month comes the problem remains. I have given up on complaining, because they are too brain dead or simply don’t give a fuck to fix their networking problems.

I don’t know what the fuck is wrong with the previous ISP that prompts the housing agent to change to Extreme Broadband. There is in fact nothing wrong. I can only speculate that Extreme Broadband is cheaper. What infuriates me is that the housing agent charges the same rental for the decrease in Service Level.

Extreme Broadband deserves to go bankrupt and die. If they were to deploy on commercial residential they would probably get fucked and die within like a month. That’s why they currently only provide services to dorms and student housing (such as INTI), because students don’t have the monetary power to make them fuck off and can only use what is provided.

Thank goodness we have Yes4G, and as of now is still using it because Extreme Broadband’s DHCP is too retarded to give me an


Never see. Never know.

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