Deezer vs. Spotify

In terms of Web Player
Deezer: Fast and responsive
Spotify: Slow, loads and skips queues.

In terms of smartphone app (on Windows Phone)
Deezer: Piece of shit, loading forever.
Spotify: Light and intuitive

In terms of sound quality
Deezer: 128kbps or 384kbps in MP3, no audible artifacts.
Spotify: 96kbps, 160kbps or 384kbps in OGG. At 96kbps and 160kbps,  for some reason there was excessive hissing sound for quieter songs and at quiet passages, such as at the end of a track.

In terms of music library availability
Deezer = Spotify (at least from what I can see, tested Spotify against my Deezer’s playlist)

There you go!

Never see. Never know.

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